Real Adults Have Offices

It's time to upgrade from the backyard office
It’s time to upgrade from the patio. Photo credit V Marchiony. 


I’m currently conducting research on the millennial personality. I love this project, and I’m blessed to live in a technological moment during which I can carry my notes, drafts and library everywhere on a single device.

My problem is that I have no place to work.

Even if I could get anything done at home (and let’s face it, that’s where my bed lives so that’s a long shot), the prospect of eating, sleeping and working within the same four walls day after day reads like a recipe for insanity.

The obvious solution that comes to mind is probably to post up in a coffee shop. I admit, an endless supply of caffeine, relatively comfortable seating, plus free heating and Wi-Fi seems pretty appealing at first. After a few months years of this scene, however, competing for the table near the outlet gets old, as does repeatedly blowing out your headphones in an effort to drown out the grating sounds of other people’s conversations and whatever owner-approved soundtrack happens to be playing overhead.

So what else is there? I don’t have a ton of cash, but I do have a ton of stuff to get done.

The answer I’ve discovered is renting a shared workspace.

This means that for a monthly fee, it is possible to rent a space of your very own to get things done. You get all the perks of an office, but without a dress code (or a boss). Amenities, hours and prices vary depending on what exactly you’re looking for. Some of the more established organizations like Benjamin’s Desk and Indy Hall and provide luxuries like mini fridges and flat screens TVs, but more basic set-ups can be found á la carte via Craigslist.

The moral of the story is that now we can all have the joys of an office without suffering through an office job, which is a pretty spectacular prospect for anyone, but is particularly awesome for young adults like myself who require a lot of flexibility.

Now I just need someone to create workspace-share gift cards before my birthday…


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